Maker Get Togethers

Always the second Friday evening of the month. People bring their crafts or makes or painting and we hang out together and work. We have free tea and coffee and just ask that you put £2 in the pot to cover costs. We open up at 7.30pm.


Started in 2018, St Mary's Church wanted to build a community for makers to come together. The benefits are many:

  • gives you a break from regular life to try new hobbies.

  • encourages people to create beautiful things.

  • good for your mental health and wellness.

  • our aim is to "Love Jesus, Love Others, Serve The World." so it fits with the Serve the World aim.

We all run it together, everyone helps out putting the tables and chairs away at the end. It's our group and we share ideas and help each other out in all sorts of ways. There is a very wide range of abilities, some are brilliant and make exquisite things, but most of us are learning and trying things out or just carving out time to sew on those buttons that need doing or make the odd gift that we saw on Pinterest.

Second Friday Evening Get Togethers

The Format

9pm Tour


Adults Only

Don't Know What To Bring? (or can't be bothered)

What Craft Can I Bring?

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