Beginner's Guide to Selling Online

We held our first Made In Molesey talk this week, in conjunction with Crafty London Mum.

Gradually I am realising the wide variety of creativity as I am starting to see your Instagram accounts showing all the things you do.

We learnt about the way online shops and banking interact and looked in detail at Etsy, which saves you having to do your own SEO (Search Engine Optimisation, which means getting noticed on Google and other search engines). We looked at social media and the pros and cons of a few of them. Tips on when to post, how often and how to pick the right hashtags.

We talked about Instagram and Crafty London Mum (Natalie) explained how she had gone from nothing to a thriving online shop in 1 year. I (Sally) shared tips on marketing your business.

Seems for many the problems are confidence and time. Finding time is an issue, it takes a while to set some of these things up. However having spent 2 evenings solid photographing, typing, designing, so about 16 hours, my shop was up and running with the basics in place. The rest I could tweak and improve gradually. Swapping photos or adding bits to Instagram casually when I get the chance.

The confidence issue is classic. That little voice calling doubt in your ear. I am sure Mark Zuckerberg probably had it all the time when starting facebook. Worrying about whether it would take off, and what people would think, and whether he was doing it right. But he did it anyway. So, don't sell yourself short. All the things we showed you are free or nearly free. If it doesn't work out, you will learn and get ideas from others, and tweak and move forward and if it all comes to nothing you can close it all in a couple of years. You can see mine is way behind Natalie's, I want you to know that we do all have to start somewhere. My business stuff is way ahead, but I have been doing it for a few years. At the time of writing I have 13 followers on Instagram on my personal account (madeinmolesey has 80 and has been going 1 month) so don't compare your start with someone else's finish.

So keep in touch, don't sell yourself short and give it a go if your want to. Nothing to lose.

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