Changing to online meetings

So that's two months on Zoom now instead of real life. Takes some getting used to but isn't as bad as I would have thought it would be. It certainly makes it easier if you have forgotten the scissors. Plus everyone can use a sewing machine without having to carry it to St Mary's Church. And you can arrive late or leave early or pop in and out to have supper or whatever as you need. And zero chance of catching coronavirus, you can even come if you are quarantining.

Meeting on zoom is unlike every other online meeting I have. I don't have to sit up straight, I can wander off and get a drink or the glue if I want and I can get on with my make or whatever I want to do easily.

I really should get us all on at the same time to pose for a photo but I keep forgetting so this was the best I managed.....

We are all gradually learning how to get the best out of Zoom. There always comes a time when we play with all the buttons. As it is informal it doesn't matter what you press and obviously playing with virtual backgrounds is a must. On Friday Nicola told us about a website with TV sets as backgrounds so some of us played with those. I have already downloaded the set of Only Fools and Horses and a Tardis.

Aside from messing about with the software, we also tried breakout rooms this month. So the workshop could go into another room to work together. We made a room like the kitchen at church, where you can pop in to chat in smaller groups with friends you hadn't seen. I want to expand this so you can come along but pop out for half an hour to chat to someone you haven't seen for a while, or to discuss a craft you are working on in twos. You can still go back in to the main room whenever you like. Your microphone is muted as you do this so that you don't crash someone's conversation.

We still do the 9pm tour and everyone shows what they are working on (if they want to) so we can see things progress and ask for ideas.

Your experience is controlled by you. I can't make it nice, it is up to each visitor to get comfortable and use the best set up for them. Some like a small phone on a stand and to set it so just the p speaking shows. Others hook the laptop up to the TV and have it large. Some have the microphone near, others have it on the other side of the room and muted and only stop to chat on breaks.

Pick a set up that is comfortable for you and hope to see you next month. Link to the Zoom meeting will always be on the website homepage in time for the next meeting. It changes every month for security.

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