May 2019 MIM photos and updates

Some seriously aspirational quilting going on at MIM this month. Exquisite work from a MIM first timer who brought the most enormous hand quilted blanket.

Hand quilting at Made In Molesey craft event

And a close up so you can see the intricate work involved.

Intricate quilting at Made In Molesey

Sue has been feverishly knitting for all 5 babies that have arrived in her life, including a very small new born, just look at the size of that hat. Tiny weeny.

One of our crafter's long term projects only really gets worked on at MIM as it is the only time she gets to do it. I thought you'd like to see the change so searched back to find a photo from last year, this photo is form January 2018.

Sometimes life just rushes by and it is hard to find time to catch up with friends. So even these little progressions means some time out to chat and laugh. I never put photos of faces on the website, but in all the photos I have of this woman she is laughing in every one! And I can't use them, or only by blanking her face which hides the laugh. Nice to see her smiley, friendly face each month. And I can't wait til 2021 when I expect this will be finished. :-)

While I was looking I found this from ages ago....

Which then looked like this a month later.

And now is like this...

Again, many laughs have been had while making that.

The workshop this month was book-folding. We had 6 new people, brilliant to meet you and welcome you into the MIM fold. Everyone did a heart and then moved on to their initial, with a pattern for their whole name and a book to take home and do later. Or bring next month to finish. We did two styles of book-folding, from a measured patter and from lining up the lines. These are some of the results.

Do put a photo of yours on the Molesey Craft Group facebook page or on Instagram and tag us or email it so as we would love to share it and see the finished results.

One of the newbies already asked me if it could be more than once a month. I love you. Thank you.I am thinking about it and we will definitely do some all day crafting Saturdays in the autumn if we (me and the church people) can fit it in. Elspeth can't manage it all though, her super powers are only ours once a month, so might need to do some kind of rota. Let me know how you feel about that over the summer.

The next workshop is to make this paper rose wreath. It is £20, though if you have your own glue gun already, tell me and I won't buy one for you and then it will be £17. Email me to tell me which workshop you want to book and your full name (and whether you have a glue gun) and I'll book you a place and prep. Cut off is 6th June to book. Please don't cancel, be sure when you book, so don't want to waste. Ta. Email is

Paper rose wreath making at Made In Molesey on 14th June 2019
Paper rose wreath, obviously this one is only just begun, we will go all round, or bring some ribbon if you prefer to only do one side and wrap the rest in ribbon.

Here are photos of all the other things that were going on including some card making and pattern cutting for sewing and painting and knitting and jewellery making.

Coming up on the 3rd June we have our talk on "A Beginner's Guide on Selling Your Crafts Online" teaching you the basics of setting up a web shop and using social media to get attention. Tickets are £10. Doors open 7.30, talk is 8-10pm. It is in St Mary's Church still. Glass of wine or cup of tea included as you choose. There is more information here:

There is no meeting in July, the church has been double booked and so we can't do it that month, but back to normal in August. Workshop is Modern Calligraphy then. More info here on all the workshops coming up.

Look forward to seeing you on the 14th June. Don't forget to check out our Etsy shops, and if you have one already, tell me so I can add a link.

Lots of crafting love, Sally

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