Photos from MIM in Jan 2020

First Made In Molesey craft club of a new year and a new decade. The busiest one that we have ever had. It was only a few more people than usual but I hadn't expected a busy one and put the tables a bit too close together so sorry it was a bit of a squash. Wowser it was good though!

One highlight for me was someone telling me how much their confidence had grown from doing crafting and making with other people, because of tips they had got and also because it had been reassuring to show work to other makers.

For the first time I took a photo of everyone from the stage. I couldn't get absolutely everyone in from that angle but it makes a great photo:

Made In Molesey monthly craft club January 2020 in East Molesey

The friendliness between you all was brilliant to see. Sharing tools, sharing ideas, chatting about your week. Someone brought craft goodies that were new but not needed to give to others. Another lady is making key rings to raise money for the loss in Australia due to the fires....

We had the Chunky Knit Pen Pot Workshop for £6. Everyone successfully made one, even though one man was doubtful. I think he surprised himself.

We had the vicar from Hinchley Wood come and try Made In Molesey. He had heard about us when I went to speak at the Synod (a group of church leaders in the Anglican church). I was invited to go and explain when they were discussing "Fresh Expressions" of church. He and his team want to do the same on the 4th Friday of the month in Hinchley Wood so I expect there will be a Made In Hinchley Wood starting in the next few months. I will advertise it on all the Made In Molesey channels so you can go to both or either if you want. Some have been saying for a while they wish it was more often so your prayers were answered!

We also have a Made In Molesey app coming soon where you can see what workshops are coming up and book and pay on there. It will be for Android and Apple devices. It has been in testing since October and is nearly there. On the website you may have noticed that now to book a workshop it takes you to Eventbrite to buy tickets. So it will be like the cinema, you buy your ticket and pay in advance. Tickets are available up to the Friday before. That's because we have to buy the materials for the exact right amount of people. As you know, we are all volunteers and each workshop is a one off for MIM, so we don't have materials lying around and it isn't a business so there isn't much money. So we buy the exact right amount and we prep and plan. After the workshop we have nowhere to store things so if there is anything left over we give it out on the night and that's it done. That's why it is so cheap, but it does take a bit of planning and pulling together.

You want to see the craft photos really don't you. So enough blurb from me. Here is what I captured this time. I missed loads because I was having so much fun and the tour was just brilliant but all over the place, so sorry if your craft was missed. I was enjoying myself too much! If you capture a good photo, do email it to me at and I'll share it. Thanks.

See you on Friday 14th Feb 7.30pm. Don't forget you need to book for the sconce workshop in advance. You'll make one sconce but go with the woodworking skills to make loads more very cheaply to go round your garden.

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