Soap Dish Made From Upcycled Bits

As we have a month off from Made In Molesey this month, thought I'd share with you a soap dish I quickly threw together this month.

Homemade soap dish

I do not like to waste soap by having it sit in a soggy puddle and go gunky. It lasts longer if it can dry between showers (3 mins max in there people, got to save the environment for our kids and future generations). Having just redone my bathroom I had no shelf any more to put the soap on so it was mushy every day and lasting half as long as it should. I needed to get it out of the soap soup.

First I tried a Clover tub lid on its own, thinking the water would drain into the groove round the edge. It sort of did but not enough. So I needed something to hold the soap above. Chicken wire would do but I don't have any so I used drawing pins.

Obviously this is not child friendly at all, but this is for the bathroom me and my husband use so that's no problem. Oh and we don't have any kids anyway so I may as well cover that thing in blades and spend 30 mins on every shower but I am not that mad.

Anyway, it worked brilliantly.

Here was my process.

Eat quite a lot of muffins so you use up a pot of Clover:

Spray the plastic lid with paint (about £8, love this paint, comes in loads of colours, you can get it Cass Art and online)

Spray painting a Clover lid

Lay the drawing pins out so they fit nicely.

Yeah I didn't do that.

Glue the drawing pins on any old how and hope they sort of work and then find you are about 6 short but hope no-one notices.

Using a hot glue gun laying out the drawing pins

Put the soap on.

Finished crafted soapdish

There is a draw back. Drawing pins go rusty where the water sits. So it is going a bit rusty. But the soap is good and lasting longer. And it looks nice. And no gunky soap on the shelf.

I will buy one eventually or ask for one for Christmas or something.

So of course then I had a Clover tub knocking about and if you want to know what I ended up doing with the other half, here is a blog about a basket I made out of it: .

See you on Friday 9th August 2019 from 7.30pm. If you are stuck for what to bring, may I suggest the things for a soap dish?

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