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Most of you know I have been pretty ill with Sepsis and I had my exciting ambulance ride to hospital. So I had over a week in bed in pyjamas. Mostly I slept, but as I got better in the second and third week I would have a couple of perky hours but not be well enough to go out. I was probably well enough to do a bit of hoovering or tidying up but I told myself I wasn't, so I ended up making a few random things. We can think of it as occupational therapy. I only ever make stuff in spare moments anyway, it is all for fun in between work, zumba and watching videos of cats. Okay so I don't watch videos of cats, I watch TED talks but that seems less relateable, so cat videos is what I say. Though I have recently become obsessed with Wild Bill the TV show with Rob Lowe set in Lincolnshire. Anyone else loving that at the moment?

So, these are some things I made on a whim and how I made them.


I've never made a basket but how hard can it be? Also I had a Clover tub knocking about as a base (see soapdish blog for what I did with the lid ) and some skewers I had bought for a taster session we are going to run at the Craftaway event on 6th October, so I had all I needed. I knew I had to have some vertical things to weave in and out of. So I glued the skewers to the tub with a hot glue gun. Then I glued some string I got from Poundland (I had one of my servants bring it to me because I was bed ridden) and then just weaved in and out.

But I made a huge mistake.

I had an even number of skewers so I realised when I started weaving that when I had gone once round it was not alternating. This was not going to produce a basket. But I also wasn't going to bother starting again. So every time I did a loop I had to skip two skewers to make it work. Also I was ill and felt like I had the hangover from hell, so every so often this confused me and as you can see there are a few bits of string that skipped several skewers. Or possibly that was a bit when Rob Lowe came on Wild Bill and I wasn't looking at what I was doing properly. One or the other. But I really enjoyed this. It was mindless and relaxing and came out way better than I expected. And it cost £1 for the string and 12 wooden skewers which I think are about £3 a pack of 50.

Here is a photo of it with a walnut and some string so it looks a bit stylish and you can see how big it is.

Home made basket from string with a walnut

It is really a clover tub....

Bottom of homemade basket from Clover tub

If you look inside though it is messy and I could do it better if I had another go.

Showing the glue on the basket

That photo makes the glue look way worse than it is. But next time I am in bed ill I might have another go. Don't hold your breath though, I really like this one and I am rarely ill.

Wire flowers

Technically I had started these before I was ill and I finished them when I was better. A couple of you saw me making the wire flowers at the cafe at church one time. I just had some reels of wire and wound it round a pen to make these little flowers.

Wire flowers homemade

One of them looks red because I tried to paint it with red nail varnish to make the petal but it did not work. So I did it properly and dipped them in wood glue. I got mine from Clas Ohlsen for £5 for an enormous bottle before it closed down. You can get it in B&Q or Wickes. Put it in a bowl and dip them in.

Crafting some wire flowers for a hairclip

And slowly pull them out.

A successful wire flower with wood glue dip

Here is a video of me doing it.

And here is one that went wrong. But I just dipped it again.

Then you need to leave them to dry. But where to put them? The wire was too flimsy to push into blue tack or even flower arranging oasis. So, I wedged a book on its side and poked them between the pages. Got to be an old book though because blobs of glue sometimes drip off.

As they dry they go more transparent.

Now they look really delicate and I think I am going to turn them into a hairclip. But I could make a little bouquet, or put them on a hair band, or make a fascinator and I have also seen them attached one to a cotton reel, just to make a cute ornament. I also thought about painting them colours with nail varnish, but my craft posse voted no. Keep an eye on the Made In Molesey Instagram feed for the final result.

Paper Bunting

This really is cheating because I made all of this last year. I was saving it for a special occasion so it never got used. I know as soon as it rains it will get ruined and I love it so it stopped me putting it up. Well I decided one sunny day that I should just do it. It will last til autumn I hope. It has already rained a fair bit and it dries and looks fine but by October it will be in a state. I am enjoying it in the meantime. We have had prayer times out there and I sit in my hammock and read and enjoy it while it is there.

It is made from an old Whizzer and Chips annual. I loved that comic as a kid and could never decide if I wanted to be a Whizzkid or a Chipite. No-one wants an old annual so I can't really do anything with it. I turned the cover into a laptop cover (rip the insides out, glue a neoprene laptop case inside the hardback cover and done). So I had the insides left. I just cut them into rectangles because I knew if I did triangles they wouldn't be very even. I have a heart shaped hole punch so I punched some of them occasionally. Then I stapled them onto the string by folding over the paper and putting two staples. They do slide up and down but that doesn't matter. And I put them close together because I much prefer that look. I did not mix the coloured pagers with the black and white ones for more impact. I still have some pages left that I am using for greeting cards.

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