What we did at Dec MIM 2019

What a brilliant time we all had at December MIM. So lovely to see your projects progressing and your skills developing. I love the sense of community you all bring and was particularly touched to come across a very excited pair just after the tour who told me how one didn't really know what she was going to do for Christmas and the other was delighted to have an extra younger person at the table this Christmas. They had got chatting and one had ended up inviting the other for Christmas Day. This epitomises the love you all show to one another and sums up the year. Welcoming, sharing, co-operative, friendly.

I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas full of joy and look forward to seeing you in the new year. In the meantime, here are some photos from this month's MIM.

Don't forget we are launching MIM for teens at 4.30-6pm also on the second Friday of the month, so the same day as adult MIM and also £2. Email me if you want to register someone to come, this is for secondary school aged young people and students. Email is

We have only been getting together for 2 years, that is still only 23 times (missed one in July). Can't believe it has worked out so well and there are so many others out there who enjoy coming together and making stuff for the fun of it. I feel like we can leave all our cares at the door and just switch off for a few hours. And it doesn't even cost us loads of money! Bonus.

We also have Sunday Sanctuary going now which is more about crafting and personal growth and development. Plus the kneelers project is nearly finished so there will likely be an extra open Saturday to come and craft alongside the kneelers team during January. Likely one of the last Saturdays in January but check facebook or instagram for the latest on that as it is likely to be a bit last minute.

See you all soon.

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