What we did at MIM in July 2020

Well we are getting the hang of this online malarkey. We still all like to play with Zoom a bit but everyone has found their Zoom mojo and is used to chatting online now. Aside from my internet going down just as we were about to start and having to run round to sit in my neighbour's garden to use their wifi to start it off it all ran smoothly. Sorry about the slightly weird start and the tour of everyone's garden path.

Particular note to Nicola coming to us from Jerry and Margot Ledbetter's lounge and of course Mel's background of the sewing project we did last year.

I have no photos of the things everyone makes any more but I did manage to get most people on to hold up their make to the screen for a group photo.

Made In Molesey online zoom call St Mary's East Molesey
Made In Molesey on Zoom now

I have photos of what I did and Adam.

Adam made this knife which he has been working on for the last month and now finished. It is his fi


st knife. He bought the blade blank cheaply and learnt how to do the handle from youtube.

And a video to show it better:

I finished my Airfix model of a combustion engine which I bought for £20 over a year ago but only started during lockdown. It is not a working engine, it is run by a little motor but it has all the main moving parts and an air cooling system that wouldn't actually cool anything but shows how a fan belt works. The piston rods do actually go up and down.

I didn't have the right sized batteries when I finished but I recharged some overnight and was able to turn it on the next day. I had no idea it had sound effects and lights! None of the electronics was part of the kit, that was all part of the casing.

Once I finished the model I did this needle felting kit to make a flamingo.

It did not come out quite like the box.

Probably not my forte!

Do email me photos of your makes for the blog and for facebook to

See you in August. On zoom. Link will be on the homepage each month for you to join. No charge while we are meeting online.

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