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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

November Made In Molesey was very busy but then we had a quiet one in December. People had started to come to MIM from far away, like Brighton, Yorkshire and even America. We expected being online to be just for a few months so this didn't really matter and was great. I particularly enjoyed chatting to Lucinda from the US, who I now have no way of contacting. If you read this Lucinda, hello, it was great chatting to you.

Later this year I am sure we will go back to real life though so for 2021 we have taken it back to people in and around Surrey who are within reach of our real meeting place in East Molesey or who have a connection. Like Fin who lives in Windsor but his grandmother lives here and he hopes to bring her one day.

We have met some interesting people along the way including Martin the wood turner who was busy making for Christmas orders.

He gave us a demo though which we don't often have. We wouldn't get that in real life!

We still try to do the 9pm tour and each person shows what they are making and tells a bit about it and sometimes we ask questions or they might ask for advice. Most of the time we chat about all sorts though. It feels like sitting at a big table making with everyone, a few people talk at a time, sometimes it goes quiet. Sometimes I go off and get more to drink or to get something, we don't sit there like it is a meeting, mostly we have our heads down working. Sometimes I don't talk for a while, yep, even me. Occasionally conversation gets serious like Brexit, other times it is fun stuff like the Strictly final. We have some new software now so you can leave the conversation and go and talk to someone else if you want, or you can take someone to one side and have a separate chat for a while and then come back. This is more like real life so a little better. Or you can just stay on the main zoom call and join in when interested. We will be trying this new software properly for the first time tomorrow night, though we had a practice in December. It did throw up a few tech problems, my camera wouldn't work but my microphone would. It was a permissions setting on my browser. There may be a bit of fiddling about to get it okay but most had no problems.

Here we are later on holding up some of the things we are making or working on. I tend to forget to ask for this photo. Remind me at 9pm if I don't remember!

This was my view of Made In Molesey (see below). I usually use my work desk as it annoys me when the wifi goes so I stay on a cable. Though sometimes I have done it in the kitchen which gives me more space. Mel talked me into trying patchwork a little while ago so those are the patchwork pieces face down on the table. I used some old worn out clothes, so it is made it from two pairs of trousers and

a duvet that had become a dust sheet and I avoided the bits with paint splats. She gave me the pre-cut templates and some fabric glue to start me off. It takes ages! And I hadn't realised they are all stitched by hand not a machine, but then you still have to machine it afterward. Anyway after about 4 months I have finished it and made it into a cushion. I stuffed it with an old sweatshirt that I cut up into bits. That's my favourite thing about it. It makes it so heavy so it feels really luxurious to me, though I think cushions are supposed to be light. It is tiny but I have put it on my big armchair and I am pleased I did it but I will not be doing patchwork again! I backed it with another bit of left over material I have, so I only really bought the thread. It doesn't look like it is made from scraps. I was particularly fond of the duvet cover so it is nice to see it. It has made me want to have a go at applique, but I have got to psyche myself up for it so not yet.

So avoiding my lockdown hibernation burrow which is so tempting but bad for me, I will see you tomorrow for some laughs and chat.

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