Why I don't like to snack while I craft

Why do people put cake and craft together so often?

Generally speaking I want to do more craft and making. Also generally I want to eat less food. I can have too much food, I can never have too much craft.

When I am on my own I don't ever think that I really want to sit down and eat a pack of biscuits while I make my button wreath. I just want to make the wreath and thoughts of being peckish leave my mind. If I do sit down with the biscuits, chances are I will eat more of them than I wanted to. This happens with or without the crafting/painting but if I am making something I won't notice how many I have had and can easily eat the whole packet. However if they aren't there then I won't really think about it.

When we make in groups I have found that cake seems to be part of it so often. I have been to a few workshops over the years and only two have not offered me food. So if it is the done thing, why don't I offer cake and biscuits at Made In Molesey? It is nice to have a treat. But the treat for me is the crafting and getting together to make. I won't miss the biscuits and cake if they aren't there.

That's not to say that I never snack and craft. Sometimes I really fancy a chocolate orange and messing about with some glue. But it is helpful for it not to be second nature. So I figure: why make it harder for ourselves? Can we have a good time without extra food and snacks? We may want them once in a while and MIM night might be a night for sweets and snacks for you. Please don’t share them though.

Sometimes all week long there have been snacks and treats because it has been someone's birthday and then there is a do and then something after work, then a friend has baked something, plus there is always that desk at work that always has biscuits on it etc etc and before I know it I have had way too much. No-one ever really encourages me and says "Skip it, don't do it, you don't really need it".

So cake and craft do not go together. I can resist everything except temptation so help me out here.


Additional: when I sent this to someone to check over and adjust the tone, they sent me this back:

I've had a quick read and it's interesting stuff, and yes I can see why you feel it's important to get the tone right.  Food can be such an emotive issue for many people.

Funnily enough, this has made me think (not for the first time) about the relationship we have with food here at my school.  We have a 'healthy eating' policy (as do most schools, if not all schools these days) and we adhere to it carefully at lunch times.  Very few (if any) of our children could be described as obese or even overweight (primary school children burn off huge amounts of energy just from growing, running around, etc unless they have very poor diets indeed, which ours don't.)  But on a daily basis the children here bring in chocolates, cakes, doughnuts as 'special treats' because it's their birthday, or their dog's birthday, or because the moon is nice or there is a vowel in the day of the week.  This is fine for the kids, as they burn it off easily, but it makes all of the teachers feel fat, bloated and guilty!  And it sets up poor dietary patterns for the children as they get older, and their metabolisms slow down.

At Christmas, Easter and end of year our parents bombard us teachers with chocolates, cake, alcohol, etc.  We have such a strange celebration in this country of health and fitness, twinned with an absolute desire to drown ourselves in sugar, booze and carbs, and especially when treating others.  Nobody ever bought me a month's gym membership as a gift.

None of which has anything at all directly to do with your blog.  Sorry about that.

Fuel for thought!


Additional additional: several of the MIM gang have confided they are glad there aren't snacks because they are trying to lose a few pounds, or counting calories, or trying to cut out sugar. Lots of people are too shy to say it for fear of sounding judgemental of others.

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