Why we should all "play" more

There was an article today on the BBC website (link below) about how adults should play. Children play all the time but at some point in our moving from children to adulthood play turns into doing sport or hobbies or we stop all together (or possibly restrict ourselves to drinking games!). There are huge health benefits to fitting in some play in your life. We all need to give ourselves permission to play or muck about or just do what we want, how we want.

In the article, Michael Rosen says, “Play for me is trial and error with no fear of failure, or very little fear of failure. Play has got to have that sense of no pressure from outside. It’s very self-motivated and it’s got to have that sense that you can try something - it may not work, but then you try something else. The important thing about play is that it’s open-ended and, if there are rules, you’re the one that makes them.”

Full article here: article

If you don't know where to start, Made In Molesey is an obvious easy place. You'll make things for fun with no consequences for failure. Children enjoy making all the time for no reason whatsoever most of the time but just the joy of it. Don't stop when you grow up and have a job. Spoil yourself and come and muck about with us at Made In Molesey once a month.

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