Decoupageon Glass

This month we look at the timeless craft of decoupage and learn how apply it on to glass to make an elegant table decoration or stylish gift. In this workshop we’ll teach you to make glass decoupage jars for your summer table.  Don’t worry if you’re new to decoupage, the session is suitable for complete beginners, all instruction and materials will be provided.

You must book at least a week in advance so we can get the materials to you safely.

Friday 12th June 7.30pm


Paracord Workshop

If you’re a budding Ray Mears or Bear Grylls then this workshop will be right up your street. Learn how to create a range of useful, as well as decorative, items using paracord. The workshop is aimed at complete beginners and will show you the basic knots needed to tie keyrings, zipper pulls and even a bracelet. You’ll make a couple of different items on the evening and you’ll have enough spare material to take home and practice your new skill.

Date tbc 2021


(or £5 cash if paid at previous MIM)

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Bullet Journaling Workshop

Friday 11th September 2020 7.30pm

Want to know what Bullet Journaling is all about and have a go yourself?

Bullet journaling is an amazing way for you to keep track of the past, organise the present and plan for the future. It allows you to handle all of your daily tasks and long term goals, from tracking your water intake or food, tracking your favourite Netflix series to working towards a promotion or saving for a house. Having a concrete place to check things off gives your brain a reward every time your pen ticks off another completed item, encouraging you to keep going. It also helps organise your thoughts so you can live in the moment and reduce anxiety or help you handle the more stressful aspects of life and focus on what you want.

Come along and learn all about it and start your own Bullet Journal to take home and keep and continue. Includes  a brilliant journal to enjoy as well as some starter pieces to get you going. You’ll get tips on where to begin and ideas for how to get the most out of your bullet journal.


The workshop is 2 hours long and so we will lead you though some basics and you’ll have plenty of time to ask questions and explore bullet journaling at your own pace.

We’ll start you off and you can continue your “bujo” when and how you want for the benefit of your own mental health and wellness.